Lifelong Passion for Salt

The 5th Season Founder Frank Gillett is a passionate salt connoisseur. As a collector of salts from around the world, he wanted to produce a delicious Australian product. After extensive research and development, The 5th Season was able to offer their product to the public. Our products are 100% Australian, right down the packaging, marketing, and ingredients. The 5th Season doesn’t use any imported ingredients or substitutions. This ensures the income stays local, supports small business and helps communities prosper.

Locally Sourced

The 5th Season supports local producers and growers, ensuring a bright future and helping to protect our local food bowl. Inland Australian salt is free from the nano plastics found in sea salt- our salt not only tastes better, but is better for you.

Our Friends

You can also find us at your favourite restaurants, sometimes in your favourite toasties, and while we do have an online shop, you can grab a quick buy at some of these places!