The Five Seasons Of Flavour

The 5th Season is a true artisanal salt. All-natural, all-Australian inland salt. We harvest our salt from Lake Tyrrell in Australia’s Mallee region, using a system of evaporation, rainwater washing and hand-sieving.

Not All Salts are Created Equal

The 5th Season is one of the tastiest and cleanest salts on the market, free from bleach, anti-caking agents and nano plastics that can be found in other salts. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to produce delicious, natural salt with local ingredients.

100% Australian

Our salts and seasonings are made right here in Australia. We keep our footprint small so we can benefit locals- suppliers and the community. And it helps minimise negative environmental impact.

Our Friends

You can also find us at your favourite restaurants, sometimes in your favourite toasties, and while we do have an online shop, you can grab a quick buy at some of these places!