1kg pork belly piece

The 5th Season Big Bang Salt


Prepare the pork belly by removing from any packaging and patting dry with paper towel until all surfaces feel dry to touch.

At 2cm increments across the top of the rind, make diagonal incisions all the way though until you can see the first layer of meat under the fat.

Generously apply salt to the rind and rub it into the grooves, right down to the visible meat and leave it to rest in a disposable foil barbecue tray or other tray that will collect oil from the pork belly cooking. Do not pre oil tray or put trivet inside the cooking tray as you will need the oil later. Put trivet UNDER the tray while cooking.

Turn Ziggy on and allow to preheat to 220 degrees. When temperature is reached, place your pork belly into the Ziggy skin side up and cook until meat is cooked through, approximately 30-45 minutes depending on meat thickness and Ziggy temperature.

By now, you should have something that resembles cooked meat with little to no crackle on the rind and a pool of oil in the bottom of your foil tray.

This next step right here is the secret to amazing crackle on your pork belly skin in the Ziggy… You’re welcome!!! Remove the pork belly from Ziggy and flip the meat skin side down so the rind it is sitting in the oil and put it back into the Ziggy for a further 10-15 minutes on HIGH so the magic can happen.

Remove pork belly from Ziggy and flip to skin side up again and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Cut into strips and serve.



In the beginning, there was the Big Bang and now we get to bring it to you! The start to any seasoning from tabletop, BBQ, pit BBQ and smoking meats is your beginning. Season up your tastebuds with this new Gourmet line, inland salt blended Australian pepper mix and double smoked garlic. It will not disappoint.


/ 100g

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