Roast Pork has never been so good when you are out exploring our great country.

2kg boneless pork roast

The 5th Season Big Bang Salt


Prepare the pork. Remove from any packaging and pat dry with paper towel until all surfaces feel dry to touch.

At every 2cm increment across the top of the rind make incisions all the way though until you can see the meat under the fat.

Generously apply Big Bang salt to the skin of your roast and rub it into the grooves, right down to the visible meat.

Allow to sit on the bench until the meat reaches room temperature. Do not leave uncovered in fridge overnight or excessively dry skin out.

Turn the Ziggy on HIGH and allow to preheat until temp is in the red zone.

When the temp is in the red zone, place your pork in the Ziggy in a roasting dish or disposable foil tray resting on a trivot. A trivot is essential so you don’t burn the bottom of the roast!

Leave the temperature on HIGH in the red zone for the first hour of cooking and do not open the lid! If you need to check the roast, look through the back hole, but do not lift the lid!

Check roast after 1 hour of cooking. Cook for 1 more hour on LOW setting or until a knife into the centre of the pork causes clear fluid to escape. If the fluid is still pink, it needs to cook little longer.

Remove the roast from the Ziggy and separate your crackle from the meat. Cut to your liking and ENJOY!



In the beginning, there was the Big Bang and now we get to bring it to you! The start to any seasoning from tabletop, BBQ, pit BBQ and smoking meats is your beginning. Season up your tastebuds with this new Gourmet line, inland salt blended Australian pepper mix and double smoked garlic. It will not disappoint.


/ 100g

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