This hearty Kunzea Slow Low Roast Lamb will be sure to warm you up on the coolest of days. The 5th Season Kunzea salt mix is the perfect addition adding that burst of flavour to a family classic.

1 large leg of Lamb

50g of The 5th Season Kunzea Salt mix

1 large Lemon

1 bulb of Garlic

2 tbsp Cold Press Olive Oil.

750ml Beef stock (not all may be used)


Step 1

First steps is to remove your lamb from the fridge and make sure it’s nice and clean no bone dust or fragments to bite into to ruin your evening by a dash to the dentist.

Step 2

In a deep dish tray place the lemon quartered, garlic bulb cut directly in half to make a bed for your lamb to sit on off the bottom of the tray.

Step 3

Your lamb should be drizzled with the olive oil and rubbed all over with a generous amount of the 5th Season Kunzea Salt mix important to get all around the lamb.  The lamb is then placed on the garlic lemon bed, stock added to the base of the tray not poured over the meat washing off your rub, then cover with foil to seal in the moisture and left to come to room temperature approx. 15 to 25 min.

Step 4

Meanwhile preheat your over to 170 °C.  Once your oven is preheated and lamb come to room temperature place carefully in the bottom of your oven and cook for 4.5 hours. To determine if done the lamb it should fall off the bone with little help, if not place back in oven and continue to cook. The stock helps keeps the lamb moist and in the end can be used to make a fabulous gravy.

Serve with your favourite side dishes, I like crispy roast potatoes, honey carrots and fresh peas and a lashing of gravy. A family pleaser.


Kunzea Inland Salt

A walk through the Australia bush for the senses this brings with a flavour profile of Honey, Lemon, Thyme and Eucalyptus. It is amazing the flavour it brings to your Sunday roast lamb out shining the woody rosemary sprigs. Also great on Potatoes and whatever takes your imagination.


/ 100g

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