Be sure to impress over a lazy weekend Breakfast or Bruch with our mouthwatering Not Chicken Salt Avo showcasing The 5th Season Not Chicken Salt. This wholesome meal will not disappoint your loved ones!

6 Streaky Bacon strips

25g of The 5th Season Not Chicken Salt

4 large Free Range Eggs

2 slices of thick cut Sourdough Bread

1 large Avocado 


I love this for a weekend breakfast or a brunch.

Step 1

In a large heavy frypan I like to toast my sourdough bread with a little smear of butter on a medium heat both sides. It should be golden with a little char for full flavour.

Step 2

Meanwhile under the grill cook your bacon till your favourite colour is reached I like mine nice dark and crispy and place to one side.  Poach your eggs till your preferred consistency I like mine soft and the yolk runny.

Step 3

To assemble place the toast on the plate with the fresh avocado sliced on top divided half between each plate, sprinkle with a good pinch of the not chicken salt, place the bacon and poached egg on top and again a good pinch of the not chicken salt on top to finish. When you cut into that egg and it oozes the yolk and you take a bite of the combination it is lovely, sweet, soft, crunchy, salty, bacon goodness.  Will not disappoint your loved ones.


Australian Not Chicken Inland Salt

Funny name but it’s the flavour that makes you cross the road (LOL) without all those nasties others contain, the blend of fresh turmeric, smoked garlic, caramelised shallots, salt bush & the best salt makes this a must for those who want a superior product that’s the talk around the hen house (sorry chicken puns). Uses are only what your imagination is limited too, but just about everything is on the table from reports.


/ 100g

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